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No Limits – Manage your workforce like a Pro

A broad range of features

Features of PeopleHCM

Benefit enrollment
Payroll integration
In built automation
Deligated Access
Superior Customer experience

Grow Business and Reduce Operational Costs

Do your employees match up as your business objectives scale up? Invest in PeopleHCM now.

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How it works

Expense Tracking

Customize your expenses with our robust system.

Track all your expenses at one place.

How it works?

Time Off

Applying for time off requests is made simpler than ever

Enter time off via any Virtual Assistant AI Technology or common social media messengers, such as Alexa.

How it works?

Time Sheets

Employees can configure their data without IT support and they can configure it using Facebook Messenger.

Timesheet in PeopleHCM comes with an easy to use interface to adjust work hours and submit it.

How it works?

Service Requests

PeopleHCM makes it better for employees and administration to communicate.

Companies can configure SLA for various categories keeping the transparency between management and employees.

A few words about PeopleHCM

PeopleHCM is a powerful system built on Pega, the leading Business Process Management platform. The cutting edge technology allows users to define their own custom model with inbuilt automation and an awesome customer experience, unlike any other system that compels its users to fit into its own model.

Grow your business with the rich features of PeopleHCM and maximize the employee performance.

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