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Credit Card Import

Import personal and business card transactions to automatically merge them into one document with the correct date of transaction.

Why us?

Multi-Level Approval Workflows

Create approval workflows that suit the structure of your company and customize expense policy rules to identify those cases where an expense requires your manager’s review..

Why us?

Stay on top of your finances

No more worrying about forgetting or misplacing receipts for expenses. The new update allows you to upload all your necessary documents right to our secure server so that we can validate your transactions and initiate a claim on your behalf.


Which are the most asked

questions ?

PeopleHCM does not store any banking information. We use Yodless, an account aggregation service that allows access to their credit card, bank, investment, email, travel reward accounts, etc., on one screen. No information is stored with PeopleHCM.
PeopleHCM will not ask for banking credential information like credit card number or expiry date or CVV from the user. The user will access their banking details through Yodlee's secure servers to import the relevant information.
No, PeoplHCM will only access the transaction information imported through Yodlee.
Yes, traditionally, PeopleHCM uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to scan uploaded receipts and populate the expense claim.
No, while using a personal card, Yodlee creates an account to access confidential records. Only the transactions imported from the Yodlee account will be visible to PeopleHCM.